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CLICK HERE to register a PDA LMS 'GUEST' account for immediate access to the PS Mandatory Abuse Reporting Training Course. If your agency name does NOT appear in the 'Organization Name' drop-down list below, click the above hyperlink to create a 'guest' account; however, if you agency name DOES appear in the drop-down list below, please complete/submit the form below instead.

  • Guest accounts are reserved for non-Area Agency on Aging (AAA) staff. If you are staffed by an AAA agency, neither complete the 'guest' registration form above nor the registration form below, but rather ask your agency's PDA LMS 'org admin' to establish a training account for you under your agency's PDA LMS 'organizational' hierarchy.


  • Complete the form below if you are staffed by an agency established as a PDA LMS 'organization'. To determine if your agency is established as a PDA LMS 'organization', review the drop-down list below under the field titled 'Organization Name'. If your organization's name appears in the list, you may proceed to complete/submit a new user request form.
  • Area Agency on Aging (AAA) staff and volunteers should neither utilize the 'guest' registration form above nor the 'user' registration form below to request a new training account. Each AAA has two (2) staff members who hold the role of PDA LMS 'org admin'' to set up training accounts for AAA staff/volunteers under the agency's LMS hierarchy.
  • If you transfer from one PA aging network agency to another, please DO NOT complete this form, but rather complete and submit a PDA LMS Help Center ticket to request the transfer of your existing account to your new agency.  When completing the help center ticket, under the 'Request Type' section, select the option that reads 'I transferred to a new agency and would like my existing training account reassigned from old to new agency.'
  • Visit the PDA LMS System Requirements page to view a list of recommended web browsers supported for the PDA LMS website/portal. NOTE: Internet Explorer is unsupported and should not be used to access this website.
  • Only one (1) PDA LMS training account authorized per individual. If you currently have an existing training account, please do not submit a new account request form. If your existing account is marked inactive due to non-activity, please contact the PDA LMS Help Center to request reactivation of your account.
When done completing the form below, click the 'Submit Form' button located in the bottom-left corner.